vintage postage stamps


a visual look at vintage postage stamps from around the world with a focus on design and illustration (any additional history in forms of notes always appreciated)

Curated by Karen Horton
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Yugoslavia postage stamp: postal codes

c. 1971

designed by A. Milenković

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1 k 85

Switzerland postage stamp: ink rollers

c. 1957

designed by Ernest Witzig

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Finland postage stamp: cooperation

c. 1972

designed by P. Huovinen

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Cuba postage stamp: zebra

c. 1970

designed by F. Román Compañy

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Bulgaria postage stamp: pioneer

c. 1974

designed by M. Konstantinova

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Germany (DDR) postage stamp: tv tower

c. 1977

designed by H. Detlefsen

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Manchukuo postage stamp: orchid crest

c. 1937

designed by H. Oya